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Tacky Loose Lay

Contesse offers a stylish range of wood plank and stone tile Tacky Loose Lay vinyl products. Thanks to the loose lay installation method, individual planks or tiles can be removed from the floor without having to remove the whole flooring from the sides of the installation area. Contesse Tacky Loose Lay comes additionally with an integrated tacky bottom layer that adheres to the floor during installation for superior dimensional stability performance. Therefore, when using Contesse Tacky Loose Lay products, additional tacky glue or extra labour is not necessary. Tacky Loose Lay collection is especially suitable for larger projects and offices with raised and technical flooring. If new work has to be done in the installation area, such as infrastructure work or recabling, only the individual planks or tiles can be lifted to access the area underneath. The same planks or tiles can be reinstalled upon completion of the work. Damaged areas of the flooring can also be replaced very easily in the same manner.