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The Isocore technology offers several advantages over many other types of floorcoverings. Isocore is extremely light, which allows for cost efficient transport and easy installation. Isocore’s DropLock installation technology also ensures a very fast installation. All design and colors of Isocore have been finished with an authentic look & feel. Isocore products come in a variety of formats, including herringbone planks, square tiles, extra long planks and multi-width planks.

Isocore comes with an integrated underlay that provides sound absorption, comfort as well as tolerance of subfloor imperfections. Isocore products are treated with Ultrafresh antibacterial treatment on the top and the bottom, which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. All of the above properties make Isocore the perfect solution for your construction or renovation projects, for both commercial and residential applications…

Vinyl floorcoverings are suitable for floors with water-based underfloor heating systems. Both Contesse Isocore and Contesse Rigicore products can be installed on top of water-based underfloor heating systems, however should not be used with electricity-based systems.