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Rigicore Click 6.0/0.55 Stone XL

Click / Rigicore

Contesse Stone XL’s Rigicore range includes a collection of XL tiles with dimensions of 465 * 760 mm, which must be installed in a staggered manner. The Contesse XL tiles’ XL size will definitely add extra allure to any of your rooms or spaces.

The boards from the Rigicore Stone XL collection all feature a 0.55 cm wear layer and are therefore also suitable for use in shops, offices, hotels and many more


  • Water-resistant
  • Simple installation
Matching skirting boards

Matching skirting boards

Matching skirting boards with dimensions h 70 * w 10 * l 2500 mm are available and can be ordered per piece, in combination with a floor order


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