PVC is naturally quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Hotter or colder temperatures may result in the material starting to expand or shrink. Contesse has changed the composition of the PVC’s core for some of its products, which has made this material with Isocore much more stable than the original PVC

This has resulted in temperature fluctuations having much less of an effect on our flooring with Isocore. This has even made this flooring suitable for use on a veranda, for example, or indeed other temperature sensitive spaces.

Why opt for Isocore?

  • 1
    Very stable product, able to resist major temperature differences
  • 2
    With integrated sound-absorbing underlay
  • 3
    Installation on ceramic tiles without imprints (joints up to 7 mm)
  • 4
    Ultra fresh antibacterial treatment to both the top and bottom


  • 1
    Ceramic grain coating
  • 2
    Transparent vinyl wear layer
  • 3
    Highly technological film with decorative print
  • 4
    Strong vinyl underlay
  • 5
    Isocore technology
  • 6
    Integrated sound-absorbing underlay, Ultra fresh antibacterial treatment